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Ready to Rank Higher?: 10 Local SEO Tips That Get Results

local SEO tips

Almost 30 percent of businesses do not have a website and are falling behind in their local visibility. You are already doing better than them by having or wanting a site, but there are ways to make your presence work even better for you.

Below you can find ten local SEO tips. This local SEO advice will help you build the website of your dreams and boost your presence online. So, get reading and build your image today.

1. Be Verified on Google Maps

Google Map’s algorithms tend to focus on businesses it knows and can trust. For this reason, it pushes businesses on the Google My Business page to the top of the list. Get listed, and see yourself shown more on Google Maps.

2. Create Better Header Keywords

In your site’s blogs and articles, try to use headers with keywords and phrases that people will search for. Many tools exist online to help you find any keyword’s popularity, so it’s easy to find keywords that will have an impact.

3. Get Reviewed

Receiving good reviews shows Google that you are relevant and well-liked. Directly ask your customers to review you on Google boost yourself further.

4. Make High-Quality Links

Another way to give yourself a leg-up is to receive links from other, high-profile sites. These could be blogs or articles, so look for other local people you could collaborate with.

5. Remove Poorly-Performing Listings

Poorly-performing listings do not hurt you in a direct way but can cause others to judge you by who links to you. Instead, try to curate where your name and your links appear. This gives you control of how your customers come to your site and find information about you.

6. Review Well

It is not enough to just receive customer reviews. Make sure the reviews are good and Google will recommend you to other people who search for your service. Have a review that’s not desirable? Acknowledge the reviewer with a thoughtful response and see if you can change their perspective of your business.

7. Stay Up-To-Date On Your Listing

Make sure that you check how your industry is being discussed online. Perform a search now and then, and make sure that you remain relevant. Aim for local links and references to stay relevant. 

8. Update Often

Do not become stagnate. Make regular updates to your website and Google My Business keep your Google listing relevant and showing up in search results. 

9. Use Google My Business

If you are not using Google My Business, you could be falling behind. This is the one-stop shop for SEO and control of your business. Their steps to signup will allow you to present yourself in the best way possible, so do not skip this step.

10. Use Your Location on Your Page

You might be asking “What is local SEO?”. Well, it is when you appear at the top of search rankings related to your area and your industry.

If you service a certain geographic area you want to make sure Google can tell you’re local to this area. This is one of the benefits of local SEO. For that reason, make sure that you put your location in the following locations:

  • Body
  • Headings
  • Footer
  • Meta descriptions
  • Title

More Local SEO Tips

With these local SEO tips, you should be able to find ways to get more people to visit your site and engage with your business. You might still have questions, though, and we are ready to work with you to answer them.

Our team is ready to work with you to give you the advice you need to increase your growth moving forward. You only need to pick up the phone and we will be happy to advise you on your best next steps. So, give us a call now.

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