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Waste Hauler Website: Heim’s Disposal Service Inc.

Heim’s Disposal was the first company we ever had the opportunity to work with! Their website has gone through a few renditions over the years and the current one has converted a large number of website visitors into customers. The website has a number of features that has made it a powerful tool for Heim’s Disposal. The dynamic, interactive quote form gets them the info they need to know to provide an accurate quote to potential customers, while also limiting the form user to only select services that apply to them based on their responses to the form. For example, customers who need residential waste removal can only select residential waste removal services; the form does not make commercial, or industrial services available for them to select. This saves a lot of back and forth emailing and also keeps customers and Heim’s happy.

There is also an interactive service area map that allows customers to enter their address and see if they are in Heim’s service area and what services are offered at their location. Heim’s Disposal has also published a variety of informative content on their blog, Trash Talk, over the years. These resources include holiday lists, tips and tricks, route changes, and more. These are available to their customers 24/7 through the website and helps reduce call volume in their office. Lastly, there is a link in the navigation bar that takes customers directly to Heim’s online bill pay system. We did not create, nor maintain the online bill pay system, but we made it available to their customers from the website. As of the time of this post, we’re about to do yet another website redesign for Heim’s to adapt their website to their current business. Keep an eye out for their new site in 2021.

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