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Workshops & More

Workshops & More

Workshops & More

Managed Pay Per Click Ads

Leverage Google Ads Without the Hassle

If you’re looking to advertise with Google Ads but don’t know where to start then look no more! We offer fully managed Ad campaigns. We’ll design your campaign, write ad copy, define your target market, and optimize your campaign over time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Google Ads. 

Search Engine Optimization

Get your website showing up in search results

There’s so much clutter on the internet that website often need some assistance showing search engines they’re important enough to show up in search results. We offer a variety of SEO services including business listing citation building, link building, blog post publishing, and more!

Workshops & Consultation

Sometimes you just need some guidance

We offer a variety of workshops and consultation based on your needs. Whether you want to get a professional opinion on viable next steps for growing your website, or talk about keywords for your next ad campaign we’re here to help. We’re happy to do these sessions in person, via phone, or through video chat. 

Website Training

For those Do-It-Yourselfers out there

Want to add your new website posts to your website yourself? Interested in being able to update images and text on your own without needed to contact us to do it? We’ve got you covered. We can train you, or your staff on a variety of website functions and even provide videos on how to operate the backend of the website. For those looking to add, edit, and create their own content on the site, we offer a drag and drop page builder and custom templates that makes creating great looking posts easy and efficient.

Google Workspace

A professional look and a bag of tools

Google’s Workspace is a suite of tools that can make your business look and operate more professionally, while maintaining the user friendliness of Google. Get access to shareable cloud storage, all of Googles online tools like Docs and Sheets, as well as a custom domain Gmail email address. Workspace single account access is included in our Elite Website Management Plan. Workspace accounts can be added to any plan for just a few dollars a month per account. 

Social Media Ads & Support

Get Social

Social media is an important business tool with the current online landscape. We hear all the time that folks don’t want, or know how to use social media. For those folks, we are here for you. We can assist you in the creation of your account, help you figure out a posting strategy, create ads for you, and offer support if you ever have any questions.