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About BH&C

About BH&C

Our Story

The web design gig started out of necessity. One, my family’s business needed a website. Two, I needed to pay rent while I was a student at Wilkes University. I decided I would take a crack at building the family business’s first website and see how it went. It went…ok. After a few attempts I finally had a website I was happy with. Others noticed and pretty soon I had a few clients and enough money to pay my portion of the rent. I had no idea it would become anything more than a few freelance gigs. After graduating I decided it was time to either do this for real or give it up. I was having fun, felt like I was helping people, and enjoyed creating something from nothing. So, I decided it was time to do it for real.

I co-founded my first business, MRQT Ideation, with my best friend Edward in 2017. We gained some traction the first year and did decent, but we both took different life paths and it got hard to run a business together due to both being on different ends of the country. We split the business up for the better and I started Britton Heim & Company, LLC. in 2019.  


Founder & Project Lead


My wife and "The Boss"


My Son, the actual boss

During that time I became a WP Elevation Certified WordPress Consultant, a Google GSuite Reseller, and began taking Google training courses on a variety of topics. I decided to expand my service offering to more than just website design and maintenance and began studying Search Engine Optimization and digital advertising as well.

I wanted my company to be known for high quality work that showed high return on investment. I wanted it to be known for fairness and integrity, never upselling on services I knew my client didn’t need just for the sake of it, or misguiding people just to make a buck. I heard too many horror stories from clients of other, usually larger web design and digital advertising companies misleading them and leaving them feeling cheated. I don’t have time for that and neither does anyone that works with me, nor my clients. We’re here to do good business, the right way. We do our best work every time. When we don’t know the right answer we aren’t afraid to admit it and we do the work to figure it out. We always choose doing right by our customers over profit when need be. And, at the end of the day, we’re a local company here to help the local businesses that service the local people and hold up our local economy. 

The Folks We Serve

We serve businesses in our little pocket of the world. Our service area includes Northumberland, Montour, Columbia, Union, Snyder, Dauphin, and Schuykill counties. Instead of choosing a specific type of business as our niche, we chose our area as our niche. This is the area that we call home, this is the area we want to help promote, and these are the businesses that we want to help achieve their goals. 

We love to work with local businesses that bring high quality services, products, and jobs to the area. By helping these companies we feel that we can make a true impact. We look forward to helping your yesterday reach tomorrow. 

About Britton

I graduated from Line Mountain High School in 2013 and headed off to Wilkes University. I graduated from Wilkes in 2017 with a BBA in Entrepreneurship and minors in Leadership Studies, Business Management, and Sociology. I loved my time at Wilkes and the people I met there. During my undergrad I had the opportunity to start and be involved in multiple business ventures, and did two independent studies that allowed me to interview nearly one hundred business owners across the North East region of the state. I could go on forever about my experience at Wilkes and all of the things I had the opportunity to do and the resources and experiences I had access to, but that’s a story for a different time.

After graduating, I started MRQT Ideation, which later became Britton Heim & Company. I also returned to my family’s business, Heim’s Disposal Service, as the Operations Manager. I’m a junior high wrestling coach at Line Mountain Jr./Sr. High, an avid homebrewer, a complete beer geek, a firearm fanatic, and most importantly, a father and a husband. I take pride in my work no matter what it is that I’m working on and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.