Search Ads

Search Ads

Search Ads

Target Your Market


Reach Customer In Your Area

Search ads can be targeted at a specific geographic location so you only spend on customers in your service area.


Reach Those Who By Your Product

Does your product cater to women? Men over 40? 21 year-olds enrolled in undergraduate school? Reach them more effectively with demographic targeting.


It's Almost Like They're Looking For You...

One of the greatest parts about search ads is they only show when keywords relating to your ad are searched for. Meaning the people seeing your ad are looking for a business like yours.

Cost Effective Advertising At It's Finest

Search Ads

  • Target Your Market

    By targeting only your potential customers you only spend money on clicks that come from people that are more likely to buy.

  • Set Your Budget

    Set an ads budget that works for you so you never pay more than what you bargained for.

  • Pay for Results

    Only pay when potential customers take a certain action, like clicking your ad. This keeps your costs associated with customers more likely to buy, than those who are just browsing the web.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Rank in SERPs

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  • The Right Eyes at the Right Time

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  • Capitalize on Trust

    Only pay when potential customers take a certain action, like clicking your ad.

Track Your Results

What gets tracked gets managed

Creating return on investment for our customers is a huge part of our business. That’s what we want to see because that means we’re doing our jobs. The great thing about search ads is you can see the results in real, quantifiable results. This allows you to clearly see how well your ads are doing, how they’re affecting your business, and what needs to be done to adjust your ad for better performance. We’ve created an analytics report that we send our to our Maintenance plan customers every month. For those who have Google Search Ads, we include your ad stats from the month in the report. It makes viewing your analytics quick and easy. 

Check out a Sample of Our Monthly Analytics Report

Fully Managed

Keeping those ads spinning like a top

Search ads are some of the most affordable paid ads on the market. However, they’re definitely not a “set it and forget it” type of thing. If they’re not kept up with you could be wasting your money on viewers who are outside of your market and have less of a chance to convert into a sale. We can manage your search ads from month to month to make sure your ads are running at their best. Get more out of your pay per click search ads with our fully managed ad service.


Run Check

Are your ads running? That’s a real question we ask every month. There are a variety of reasons search engines could take down your ads. We make sure they stay compliant and directing new website visitors to you.


Keyword Check

Understanding your keywords can be the difference between a successful ad campaign and an unsuccessful one. We can make sure your showing for the keywords that are leading to conversion and avoiding the ones that don’t.


Analytics Check

Analytics tell the true story on how your ad is performing. We’ve put together a set of analytics to benchmark ad performance and guide us in how to change and improve your ad over time.


Budget Check

Keeping fresh ads running is important. You need to make sure that your best performers are getting views, and that your under performers are being changed and updated with new content. We’ll see to it that your winners keep winning, and that the losers get switched out with new headlines and descriptions.

Simple Pricing Because Complex Stuff Sucks

We'll Put Your Marketing Dollars to Good Use

At the end of the day we all want to know what it costs. Although we’re not going to fully disclose our pricing structure openly on the web, we will tell you that we keep it simple. The pricing structure is designed to help assure you that we’re being thorough, honest, and doing our job. If we do our job, you’ll make money, we’ll make money, and everyone is happy. That’s how we like it.