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Restaurant Website: The White Oak Tavern – Original Redesign

The White Oak Tavern is one of our longest standing customers and we’ve done a variety of work and multiple website rebuilds for them over the years. Pictured here is the original website redesign that we did for them. The website was originally built by a different website design agency that used a standard WordPress theme to create it. The theme was quickly outdated and had an old, early 2000s look to it. Wanting to keep the project budget small, we decided to take on the task of redesigning the website without eliminating the theme that was previously used. With a little touch up here, and some pizzazz there we managed to pull together a website that looked completely new and fresh for The White Oak Tavern. Unfortunately, over time the old theme became unsupported and started to malfunction and we needed to do an entire redesign on using our new design software. Check out our post on the new design here.

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