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Law Office Website: Diehl, Dluge, Michetti & Michetti

Diehl, Dluge, Michetti and Michetti law offices is a small law office chain with locations in Sunbury, Trevorton, and Elysburg, Pennsylvania. Their website is geared toward generating calls and giving potential clients information on the company. This is a great example of your website being designed to fit your business. They prefer not to receive emails from clients, so they decided to not have an online contact form. Instead, their website displays their locations and phone number promptly around the website. This promotes phone calls and walk-ins, which they would rather have. Although a contact form is a user friendly way for your website visitors to contact you, not having one is better than having one and not checking/responding to the contact inquiries! Check out Diehl, Dluge, Michetti and Michetti to see this site in action. 

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