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Heim’s Disposal Website Redesign 2021

Heim’s Disposal has been a long standing client and over the years we’ve done numerous website and online presence projects for them.  With the recent growth of their business, and their previous website build beginning to get outdated it was time for an update. We’re still working on getting some new images for the site, but everything else was ready to go so it was time to launch! This website features all of the same bells and whistles their previous website had, like a dynamic quote form, service area map, a categorized blog roll to help them publish important information, and a link to their online bill pay platform. It also has many new features like a categorized and easy to navigate FAQ page, the ability to mobilize pop-ups more efficiently, and a page structure that leads potential customers to the service that best fits their needs and ultimately starts their sales funnel. The software used to build this website leaves a world of possibilities and growth that their previous site wasn’t capable of and we look forward to continuing to add new features to their site.

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