The White Oak Tavern - Website Redesign

The White Oak Tavern is a restaurant located in Herndon, PA. They specialize in american fusion style food and carry a great tap list full of craft beer. A number of years ago we took over The White Oak’s account. They already had an existing WordPress website that we made a few aesthetic changes to. The goal was to make their current layout and infrastructure match their brand a little bit better, but the original site was still intact. Over time we added a few things to the website, but the infrastructure was getting harder and harder to maintain because programs that were built into the site were no longer being supported. 

The White Oak Tavern was looking to update their website to a modern design that satisfied their website visitor’s needs and achieved their goals. 

The website goals were:

  • Display their hours in an easily accessible location since this was one of the most popular pieces of info visitors looked for.
  • Show up to date food specials and draft list.
  • Leverage their high rating and reviews from Google.
  • Offer a full menu to their visitors that was easy to read, responsive, and easily updated.
  • Make physically finding The White Oak Tavern easy, especially from a mobile device. 
  • Continue to grow their other marketing initiatives. 

Easily Accessible Hours

One of the main reason's The White Oak Tavern's website visitors come to their site is to check their hours. We made sure to put them front and center on both the desktop and mobile platforms for easy accessibility.

Live Specials and Draft List

By integrating The White Oak's website with Untappd, an awesome app for craft beer drinkers and craft beer venues, we were able to display their up to date draft list and food specials.

Full and Printable Menus

For newcomers looking to see what The White Oak Tavern has to offer, we built a full menu into the site. It's responsive, easy to update, and easy to read. A printable version was also made available.

Homepage Map & Reviews

Having good reviews and being easily accessible are huge for a restaurant. By integrating a mobile responsive map and The White Oak's Google reviews we made sure folks knew The White Oak is both of those things.

eMail Subscription Pop-Up

The White Oak Tavern has a huge following for their eNewsletter that they use to send out weekly specials and draft lists to their followers. To continue to grow their list we integrated a pop-up to capture new subscribers.

The Solution

The solution to The White Oak’s deteriorating website infrastructure was to start with a clean slate. We salvaged some of the content and images, then eliminated nearly all of the programs that were being used to display the website’s layout. Then, we reinstalled the programs we use to build majority of our new projects. Then, it was time to dig into the goals.

We placed the hours above the fold (in the first frame you see when you load a web page before scrolling) on both the desktop and mobile version so visitors could quickly get the information they’re looking for and move on with life…as in start making plans to go to The White Oak for dinner.

To display updated specials and draft lists we leveraged The White Oak’s existing use of Untappd, a craft beer app, by integrating the menus from the app into the website. When The White Oak Tavern updates their menus on Untappd the menus will update on the website. That way their patrons know what’s on the draft line as quickly as The White Oak updates the app. 

Having a full menu that is easy to read on any device and easy for the restaurant to keep updated is obviously important. We used a program that allows for quick and easy updates, is relatively inexpensive to maintain, and is responsive to device screen size. If you take a look at their website from a mobile device you can read and navigate it just as easy as you could from a desktop. 

To help drive traffic in the door, we leveraged their existing online marketing by integrating their Google reviews, a map, their Facebook page, and an email subscription pop-up right into the home page. Would you like to know what others think about The White Oak? Here are some reviews. Need directions? Click on the map and off to Google Maps you go. Want to like them on Facebook so you can see more happenings? Click the Like button right from the website. Are you thinking draft lists and specials would be better off getting sent to your email inbox? Simply sign up. All right from the homepage. 

This was a fun project and we’re always excited to help our existing customers grow their online presence and their business. Just because you already have a website doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, upgrades, or in the White Oak’s case, a complete overhaul. 

What's you online presence cooking up?

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What's your online presence cooking up?

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