Swab Wagon Company

Swab Wagon Company

Swab Wagon Co. is a truck body manufacturer that has been doing business for over 150 years. They offer a variety of specialty truck bodies that can be customized to fit their customers’ needs. Their clientele includes fire departments, police, municipal and city utility departments, animal control units, rescue teams, and more. 

At first sight, Swab Wagon may not seem like it fits into the “local service provider” niche that we work with, and in some aspects we agree. However, they’ve been rooted in the same town for over 150 years, they’re still family owned, they provide steady work for dozens of local families, and in our humble opinion, providing a custom built product falls into the service category. At least somewhat…

This was one of the largest websites we’ve built to date. With multiple body style pages to build out, five dynamic form builds, and nearly 100 delivery posts to show off their past work, this site is pretty massive. We also did extensive on-page SEO work and image optimization for the site, as well as some minor off-page SEO work. Swab is also a monthly Maintenance & Support Program user including multiple GSuite users and extended support time which they use to add new delivery posts to their website on a regular basis. 

Check out some of the features below, or head over to https://swabwagon.com to check it out for yourself. 

Screen Rendering of Swab Wagon's Website

The Featured Features

Dynamic Forms for Lead Capture

There are multiple dynamic forms used throughout Swab Wagon’s website. Five total actually, with three of them being very large, custom product quote forms. Below you can see a sample of the three larger ones. On the far left are the two forms used for their two different animal control unit types. To the far right is the page for their Pioneer Series body, which includes their Pioneer Series quote form at the bottom. In the center is the Pioneer Series quote form on it’s own dedicated page and is show in use. There is also a dynamic contact form on the home and contact page that is designed to deliver a contact notification to the appropriate person in their organization based on the user’s information. There is also a small parts request form on the contact page that helps their clients get information on parts for their Swab bodies quickly and easily. 

Dynamic forms are great tools for lead capture. If you take a look at Swab Wagon’s you’ll see that the form responds to your inputs. This assures that the form user is only shown information that is relevant to them, which keeps them engaged and moving through the form. The Pioneer Series quote form shown to the right and center is a multi-page form that tells the user what information they’re about to give next and how much they’ve completed at any given point. This is an important feature when using long forms for lead capture. Without it, many users begin to wonder how much of their time is going to be used to fill out the form and begin to get frustrated. Lastly, and most importantly, dynamic forms are a great way to get nearly all the information you’ll need to give a client a great quote right after first contact. Now that’s great customer service!


Delivery Portfolio

Swab’s built hundreds, if not thousands, of truck bodies over the years. We had the pleasure of getting to take an in depth look at nearly 100 of them and creating custom posts for each one during the initial website build. Each body style that they create has it’s own post format to display the different features and a gallery of their work on the truck. 

All of these posts are categorized by truck body style so they show up in the appropriate pages, and also display in the bottom of other postings. 

To the left you can see Swab Wagon’s work portfolio, which includes all of their delivery posts. What you see there is only a fraction of the total. To display all of them we would have needed a bigger space! After every set of 12 images a ‘Load More’ button pops up to allow users to load another set of 12 images. This speeds up the page load time, and keeps the user from getting overwhelmed. 

To the right is a sample of one of their delivery posts. This particular one is of a recent Pioneer Series body mounted on a new Ford chassis. You can see the large image displaying the truck body, a row of features that this body includes, a gallery to visually display the features, a call to action to promote lead capture, and a section of other similar body style postings so the user can easily navigate to see other posts. 

Throughout the year Swab Wagon submits new truck deliveries to us to post on their site. This keeps their website active and fresh with new content for users to see. 

Mobile Responsive & One Click Call

More and more of website visitors are using their phones and tablets meaning having a mobile friendly website is more and more important. Every website we build is mobile responsive by design. The full mobile version of Swab Wagon’s website isn’t featured here simply because of the length of the image. It wouldn’t quite fit right in this section, but if you want to see it you can visit swabwagon.com on your phone and see for yourself!

Another great feature we build into all of our websites is ‘One Click Call Capabilities’. In the service world we all know that the best way to get a new client is to get them on the phone or meet them in person. Unfortunately, we can’t send your website visitors flying through the internet to visit you in person, so instead we went with getting them on the phone.

On the mobile version of all of our websites you’ll find a button that enables the user to instantly call your business. They just click, it dials, you get a call, you answer, and boom… potential customer on the phone. We’ve found it to be a very useful tool and is a featured feature you’ll probably see on a few other websites in our portfolio. 


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