Swab Wagon Company

Swab Wagon Co. is a truck body manufacturer that has been doing business for over 150 years. They offer a variety of specialty truck bodies that can be customized to fit their customers’ needs. Their clientele includes fire departments, police, municipal and city utility departments, animal control units, rescue teams, and more. 

Swab Wagon had a website prior to contacting us, but realized it needed some updating. They’re previous provider was leaving the industry, so they found us! After taking a look at the state of the site we came to the conclusion that Swab needed a new website built. They wanted a website that was easy to use on both the front and back end, acted as a lead capture tool for their various products, and had a portfolio that they could easily display their truck body builds.

Dynamic Quote Forms

Swab's truck bodies are largely custom built. They wanted their website to be able to give them as much information as possible when a potential client was interested in a new build. Our solution was multiple dynamic quote forms. One for their Pioneer Series, Animal Transports, and their COSTARS Members.

More Dynamic Forms

There are more than just dynamic quote forms on this site. We built them a variety of other dynamic forms to capture information. Like their parts inquiry form, contact form, and so on. There are so many great, effective, dynamic forms on this site we needed two key feature boxes.

Custom Delivery Posts and Portfolio

Swab wanted a way to display their latest deliveries in a eye appealing and efficient manner. We created multiple delivery post templates for them that list each trucks features and displays their images. They even autopost to the correct page based on category and to Facebook.

In-Depth Product Description Pages

Each of Swab Wagon's truck bodies has it's own designated page where you can find all of the details. There are downloadable brochures and spec sheets, floor plan diagrams, feature lists, images, and more. Basically everything a potential customer needs to make a decision.

Mobile Responsive and One-Click Call

As all of our websites are, Swab Wagon's site was built to be mobile responsive and have a one-click call button in the header. The difference is the amount of custom mobile work needed for this site. It was like building two sites in one!

The Solution

Swab Wagon’s website was our biggest and most in-depth website up to that point. The delivery post infrastructure alone took hours upon hours to develop. That being said, it was an amazingly fun project. It was even more fun because the products we were creating the website for are extremely interesting and we had a good time just learning about them. 

To fill Swab’s needs we built them a brand new website, as we mentioned. The website has multiple dynamic quote forms to get them all the information they need to give a customer an accurate quote on a new truck body build. Some of them are really in detailed. Each truck body is featured on it’s own page to give potential clients all the information they need. And as far as being able to easily post new deliveries to the website we created a massive posting infrastructure that offers templates for each body style to make posting more efficient, then posts it to the correct page based on the truck body style category. It was really fun to build. We also did some SEO work for them, as well as managing their Google GSuite accounts, and providing them with a full website maintenance and support plan that keeps this massive website up and running at full speed.

Are you ready for your custom build?

Your online presence isn't an 'out of the box' solution. It should be custom built to fit your needs like a Swab Wagon truck body is.

Are you ready for your custom build?

Your online presence isn't an 'out of the box' solution. It should be custom built to fit your needs like a Swab Wagon truck body is.