Jessica Beninsky Photography

Jessica Beninsky is a photographer that specializes in custom, outdoor photography for a variety of occasions. Shes photographed everything from weddings and engagements, to senior portraits and family photos. Her business is based in Central Pennsylvania, but covers a fairly large service area. All of her packages are completely custom and tailored to fit each of her client’s needs. 

Jessica was interested in a website to help grow her business, develop her online presence, and display her growing portfolio. She wanted something that really captured her personality and gave the feel of light airiness and simple elegance. She was also looking to grow her social media following so she could create a powerful network to market through.

Single Page Portfolio Design Concept

The site has a single page design concept where all of the information is placed right on the home page. This shortens load time, keeps information concise, and in this case, allows the site to be very photo-centric. With the help of sticky nav-bar at the top, this site is easy and convenient for the end user.

Auto-Updating Portfolio Sections

Jessica wanted to be able to easily put her latest work on her home page for visitors to see. We built a categorical structure that allows each new portfolio item that gets posted to automatically show up on the home page in it's appropriate section(s). This is a great way to keep her home page fresh.

Gallery Screen

High Quality Photo Galleries

A portfolio system was needed on the site that allowed Jessica to post all of her images from an individual photo shoot in a single place. Her custom photo gallery system maintains image quality, is search engine optimized, and compliments her simple elegance design concept.

Dynamic Contact Form

We built a dynamic contact form right into the home page of Jessica's website. It's built to get her all the information she needs to give a quote to her potential clients without overloading them with questions. This cuts down on the number of emails needed to get a quote to someone and increases conversion rates.

Social Media Integration

One of the main goals was to increase Jessica's social media following. Her website was a great way to help feed her social media and vice versa. We got creative and integrated her social media icons in a unique way, and we also set up her portfolio posts to automatically post to Facebook to bring traffic back to her website.

The Solution

This was a really fun project because of the personality we were looking to capture in the site. Jessica also gave us a lot of creative freedom and really put her trust in us to develop her online presence in the most affordable and effective way we could for her budget. 

Once we knew her goals we put together our development infrastructure. We needed a website that was primed to begin showing up in search results that was easy and efficient to use on both the front and back end. The site needed to drive traffic to social media to build her following, which would, in turn, drive traffic back to the website. Both social media and the website were set up to lead capture tools so that at any point in a potential client’s online journey they could contact Jessica and begin planning their photo shoot. 

The final project included a single page website concept with a custom built portfolio. The home page portfolio sections are built to auto-update to feature the latest photo shoots whenever a new portfolio item is added in their category. This saves time and energy when updating the website. Each photo shoot has it’s own post where all of the images from that shoot can be seen. 

We also optimized her Google My Business page and did a number of business listing citations to begin optimizing her online presence for search engines.

There was a lot that went into this project and we could write an entire page on just that. Instead, click the ‘View This Project’ button above to see it for yourself. 

What Image of Your Business do People See?

Your online presence is more than a snapshot of your business. It's like the full photo shoot and then some. Make sure you're portraying the right company image online.

What Image of Your Business do People See?

Your online presence is more than a snapshot of your business. It's like the full photo shoot and then some. Make sure you're portraying the right company image online.