E-Commerce Website: Third Wind Coffee Co.

Third Wind Coffee Co. is a Central PA coffee roaster based in Trevorton. Their website was designed to help both their retail and wholesale business grow. It allows customers to do a single purchase, or set up a coffee subscription so their coffee arrives on time every time right to their door. The storefront is set up to offer all of their products and product variations in an intuitive, easy to use, and eye appealing manner. The website also displays their coffee truck schedule, locations, and will allow direct access to their online ordering POS system so customers can place their coffee truck orders on the go and pick them up upon arrival. Third Wind also offers wholesale and commercial coffee services. These customers have a completely separate account that, when logged into, sends them directly to their wholesale order form so they can place a new wholesale order. This makes the wholesale/commercial ordering clean, quick, and structured. This website is truly feature packed and was extremely fun, and interesting to build. Not to mention we got to drink some awesome coffee in the process (we’re huge Legacy Morning Roast fans)! Check out Third Wind Coffee Company’s website and take your life by the beans!