Diehl, Dluge, Michetti & Michetti Law Office

Diehl, Dluge, Michetti & Michetti Law office practices law in the areas of elder law, real estate, personal injury, and workers compensation. They have three offices throughout Northumberland County, PA. 

DDMM Law recently went through a few personnel changes which required a few updates to their existing website. However, they were looking for something a little more modern to show that their practice was still relevant and looking to take on new clients. We put together a website that displayed their professionalism, while also attracting new clientele. The website was built to allow for easy contacting of the law office, as well and easy access to Google Maps to locate their offices. 

Check out Diehl, Dluge, Michetti & Michetti at DDMMLaw.com

You know what they say about lawyers...

They have damn good taste in online presence developers. That's what! What say you?