The Importance of Local Marketing on Your Business Website

local marketing

It may surprise you to learn that almost half of all people searching on Google are looking for information local to them. It is for this reason that many businesses engage with local marketing and targeted ads relevant to their location. If this is not enough, there are many more reasons to get involved with local SEO […]

A WordPress Maintenance Guide for Businesses

wordpress maintenance

You’ve picked your theme. You’ve added your copy. Your WordPress business website is live! Now it’s time to sit back and relax, right? Think again. It would be great if building a website was a one-and-done event, but that’s not the way the internet works. Of the 1.9 billion websites online, over 75% of them […]

Ready to Rank Higher?: 10 Local SEO Tips That Get Results

local SEO tips

Almost 30 percent of businesses do not have a website and are falling behind in their local visibility. You are already doing better than them by having or wanting a site, but there are ways to make your presence work even better for you. Below you can find ten local SEO tips. This local SEO advice […]

Local Business Websites: How Websites Help Achieve Business Goals

local business websites

In 2020, thousands of people realized playing it safe wasn’t as safe as they thought. A record-breaking number of Americans decided to take the leap and start a small business. This year, the pace accelerates. Nasdaq journalists have dubbed 2022 the year of the small business economy. If their predictions are correct, over 17 million […]

Local SEO: Increase Business Success With Locally Targeted PPC Ads

business success

Prioritizing search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important actions for your local service business. The vast majority of consumers are using search engines to find a service company. In fact, 90% of consumers prefer search engines over social media for finding contractors. This statistic stresses the criticality of executing a localized SEO […]

The Importance of Proper Website Maintenance

website maintenance

What if you were hurting your business and didn’t even know it? By now, your business should have its own website. This serves as the first point of contact for your customers and helps them learn more about what your business has to offer. Unfortunately, far too many businesses don’t properly maintain their websites. And […]