Antler Chow

Antler Chow is a deer feed and attractant start up from South Central Pennsylvania. They’re not technically in our niche market, but as outdoorsman we love their product and were happy to work with them on their online presence. Antler Chow was looking to get their name out there, reach a larger audience, and show that they’re equipped to stand up with the larger players in the deer feed an attractant market. 

To help them out we built them a website to attract new clients and sat down with them to develop an online marketing plan. Through Facebook and Instagram they’ve been able to drive traffic to their website where potential customers can get more information. Future plans are in place to someday upgrade the site to an e-commerce site where customers can purchase deer feed directly from the site itself. 

Give them at look at


What's attracting customers to your business?

Your online presence is to customers what Antler Chow is to deer. How's that for an analogy.